1) At Home

🙋 Need Help?

If you’d like help getting started, or have comments or questions, just email hello@equ.la.

✅ You Will Need

  • the Vert box
  • an iOS device
  • an internet connection

In this section, we will walk you through getting familiarized with Vert. It will take about 10 minutes. We will:

  • take Vert out of the box and try it out
  • learn about the button
  • find the charger and the cord, and charge Vert
  • get the App and connect to Vert

In The Box

Let’s start at the beginning. Take Vert, the charger, and the cord out of the box. You can leave the spare strap.

All set? Very good.

The Button

The button is only used to turn Vert on and off in Angle mode. In other situations it does nothing

  • the button is waterproofed to protect the electronics, which makes it a bit difficult to push
  • tapping the button with your fingertip will not work; instead, lay either thumb flat across the button and push firmly

✅ Try It!

Take out your Vert and try turning it on and off a couple of times. Then try turning your Vert slowly to simulate changes in the horse’s head position. Please note that there are built-in filters which ignore rapid movements.

When Vert is turned on while in Angle mode:
- a white light will appear
- the white light remains until Vert is moved through a triggering angle

Off And On

  • to improve battery life, it is best to turn Vert off when not in use
  • depending on the mode, Vert may be on, even though the light is off
  • currently there is no signal to tell you when Vert turns off
  • when in Angle mode, you may turn Vert off by manipulating it to a position where a blue/green/red light is glowing, then push the off button; the colored light will disappear letting you know that Vert has turned off
  • in Pace mode, Vert is entirely controlled by the phone and the button does nothing. In Pace mode, if there is no light showing, Vert is off.

Charge It

  • to charge Vert: plug the cable into Vert and into the charger, and plug the charger into the wall
  • or, you can use any standard USB wall or mobile charger, or your computer

✅ Charge It Up

It’s a good idea to charge Vert for a few minutes before continuing.

Get The App

Launch The App

Once you have downloaded the app, you can launch it.

  • if this is your first time launching the app you will be asked to enter your name and email address. This is entirely optional, but is helpful so we can label your Vert with your name.

  • then you will see the main menu, which will ask you to connect Vert.

  • tapping the button will bring you to the connection process. After a short delay the phone will indicate that it has found Vert and then will then show connecting. During the connection process Vert will show purple briefly and then go dark.

🙋 Quirks

Vert turns its Bluetooth radio off after a few minutes to improve battery life. This means that Vert may be on, yet the app may not find it. If this occurs, turn Vert off and on again by pressing the button twice.


Each time you connect to Vert with the app, Vert is reset and erased. This means the button will not work and the light will not come on. Vert is not broken! It is waiting to be told what to do. Once it is programmed again (in Angle mode) or used in Pace mode, the light and button will function as expected.

Let’s head to the stable for Part II!